Free Weights


We have three racks of dumbells of various sized to suit everyone


Olympic barbells and smaller, straight and curved bars are here

Bench Press

Several bench press machines live at our gym in Chiang Mai

Weight Plates

Plenty of weights for all different sized weight lifting strengths

Cardio Machines


We have 8 excellent professional treadmills in our gym that will satisfy your need for cardio training.

Stationary Bikes

3 Recumbent bikes from Spirit Brands to BH will help you accomplish of your cardio training at Harris Gym in Chiang Mai.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers for those of your who like to mix up your cardio workouts. We've got a large variety to keep your workouts interesting.

Weight Machines

Smith Machine

If you like the support of a Smith Machine, you've come to the right gym in Chiang Mai

Squat Racks

Several squat racks are available for those of you whole like to work those glutes

Shoulder Machines

If you prefer to workout you shoulders on machines than with free weights, this is the spot

Leg Extension

Don't skip leg day! We make it easy with our leg extension machines

Leg Press

Leg press machines with free weights means you can pack it on

Calf Raise

If you're on the search for well-defined calves look no further

Yoga Classes

Flow Variation Yoga

If you're ready to go, we've got the flow. Come down for a session today

Hata Yoga

Hata Yoga for those who like it ultra physical when they stretch

Yin Yoga

A mix of Chinese medicine, breathing, stretching and poses

Power Yoga

More intense, fitness based yoga for those who like to push it

Dance Fitness Classes

Zumba Dance Class

Everybody loves Zumba! Come along and try a session with us

Hip Hop Class

Hippity Hop and we don't stop here at Harris Gym in Chiang Mai

Dance Workout

Dance Dance like it's a revolution! We'll show you how

Beverage, Energy Drinks and Whey protein shake

Bottles of Drinking Water

You won't find Nestle here! Only good quality, ethical Thai water

0 Calorie Coke

Aspartame is bad for you, but if you must drink it, we can supply it

Gatorade Energy Drinks

Better than any soda, and it'll give you some energy too!

Harris gym Whey protein shake

Which contain 1 whole banana blended with 25 grams of whey isolate and ice. You can choose your own favor Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry and Strawberry.