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The Importance of Quality Gym Equipment

Anyone serious about gym can tell you that it’s essential to have good quality weights, bars, machines, and other equipment when training. Having strong, reliable, and comfortable equipment will make your workout more effective, less time consuming, and offer an enjoyable experience to keep you coming back for more. Motivation is, for many, one of the hardest parts about staying in shape. This means that making things as easy, fun, and effective as possible is always of key importance.

A good quality treadmill (ลู่วิ่งไฟฟ้า) or even several – for people to warm up and run on, strong and stable calisthenics bars, sturdy benches as a weightlifting aid, and clean and comfortable yoga or floor mats for stretching are a must. Machines should be kept in good order and rust and dust free, and mirrors should be cleaned several times a day. Nobody likes going to a grimey, dusty, and uninviting place to work out.

This is why at Harris Fitness we pride ourselves on keeping our gym in a clean state. With our modern equipment and the bright, comfortable environment, you’ll never feel unwelcome or unsanitary using our modern equipment or weights. The clean and modern machines will entice you to work out a few extra sets, and you can hear those dumbbells calling your name, telling you to push it harder and finish off that final set.

People often compare us to another gym located very close by in Kad Suan Kaew. I won’t mention the name specifically but the gym not well lit, the equipment is older and rusty and the environment is a little less sanitary. The pricing is slightly cheaper however, and if you just want to lift ultra-heavy weights and don’t mind a bit of grime on your hands after each set you do, this might be a better choice of gym for you.

At Harris, we try to position ourselves as a modern gym for everyone. We offer a welcoming environment with bright lighting, lots of open space and mirrors, classes for those who are into yoga and dancing, many treadmills and stepping machines, free weights and machine weights, calisthenics equipment, a boxing bag, a ping pong / table tennis table (the only gyms with this in Chiang Mai, as far as I’m aware), and much more. We believe that the setup of the gym will help keep you motivated and coming back to maintain your shape and health as often as possible.

Why not come on down today and take a look for yourself. If you’re not happy with our gym, equipment, or service we’ll gladly refund you the price of your daily one-off pass – which just happens to be on special right now! See you soon at your new favorite gym in Chiang Mai.

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