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How Long Should I Wait to Exercise after Eating?

You may have heard that you should never exercise for a certain amount of time after eating. However, that information is a bit outdated and does not take personal factors into consideration. The most important thing to remember is to eat the right foods before your workout, avoid exercising on an empty stomach, and drink plenty of water during your workout. In general, if you wait about two hours after eating a small meal or snack before exercising, you should be fine.

Timing Your Gym Visit  After Eating

When going to the gym it is best to have a snack if needed before beginning an intense workout. Be careful how much food you have eaten as this can affect both muscles and joints during a workout session. Though if hungry a small snack like yogurt, or a banana is ideal before exercising. You can always drink some water instead if you do not feel hungry.

Post Gym Nutrition for Muscle Repair

After working out you might be tempted to go get fast food on the way home instead of cooking. While these foods are convenient and taste good after a workout; they are not very healthy choices. Instead of getting fast food consider making your own food at home that will give your muscles what they need to repair themselves when you finish exercising. A nutritious smoothie with fruit, protein powder, and yogurt would be an excellent choice after finishing up in the gym for the day. Keeping hydrated is key during your workout session as well as after so have extra water on hand to re-hydrate yourself after that hard workout in the gym.

Using Gym Equipment Properly  

The most important thing in regards to exercising is how you use the exercise equipment. If possible, ask someone who knows these machines for assistance when trying them out for the first time. Always check the instructions on how they work and be cautious of your own body weight while using them so you do not injure yourself during an exercise session or lesson session. You can also lookup tutorials online on how to operate certain equipment so you know what to expect before you begin working out. The last thing anyone wants is an injury caused by unfamiliarity with gym equipment!  

 Exercise First Thing in the Morning

Although many people find it easier to exercise after eating; an early morning workout session is better. You can get up, eat a small breakfast or snack, and exercise before heading out the door for work, school, childcare, etc. The great thing about this time slot is that your body will burn calories while you are at work throughout the day so when you come home from your busy schedule you do not have much weight to lose. Not only eating and exercise will help you to grow your health to be a healthy person but taking care of your skin by using facial mask every week or even more, it’s also help your skin looks healthier.

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