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Extreme Sports in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is a haven for nature, which means it’s great for adventure sports. From ATVing to Downhill Mountainbiking, Electric Skateboarding, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, and Ziplining, to Bungee jumping – you can do it all right here. It’s not all beaches and sunbathing like some other parts of Thailand, but Chiang Mai has so much more to offer!

Electric mountain bike riding is becoming a popular sport here

Electric Scooters/Bikes/Skateboards

Not really “extreme” but just a year ago your could find electric scooters lining the footpaths of Chiang Mai, available for rent for just small fee per hour. Neuron Scooters who still offer their scooters for hire in other parts of the world seem to have pulled out of the electric scooter hire market in Thailand, however.

There are some bicycle rental and adventure sports stores renting out electric bicycles here in Chiang Mai still, and you’ll often see locals getting around on their own personal electric vehicles either electric foot scooters or electric skateboards, so it wouldn’t surprise us if more companies renting out these sorts of vehicles pop up in the new future too.

rock climbing
Rock-climbing for all levels is available in and around the city


If you’re into rock-climbing, Chiang Mai has plenty of indoor and outdoor opportunities for some climbing fitness training. Our favorite indoor climbing center in Chiang Mai is No Gravity in Chang Phueak just north of the Old City. If outdoor rock-climbing is more your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice here, with mountains and rock faces all around, there’s loads of options.

Chiang Mai is even home to an annual outdoor rock-climbing competition the Chiang Mai Climb, which is sponsored by local Thai company Mr. Casinova. The climbs around our beautiful city attract climbers from all over the world, so you’ll be sure to find a rock wall to suit your level or ability here.

A refreshing as a mountain bike ride through the wilderness

Downhill Mountainbiking/Cycling Tours

Depending on your penchant for extreme sports, some downhill mountainbiking or a less-intense, cycling tour through the city or jungle wilderness might be of interest to you. There are several adventure biking tour companies located in Chiang Mai. We’ve heard good things about all of them, so it’s hard to saw which one we recommend.

Take a look at reviews online and see which company looks like they have the best package to suit you and your group. Don’t forget to take some water, cycling can be an intensive workout!

Beautiful scenery around the city worth checking out on an ATV

Ride ATVs in the Jungle

There are a lot of ATV companies operating out of Chiang Mai. With beautiful jungle surrounding the city and stunning mountain trails to explore, you’ll love a day out riding around the wilderness here.

Check Tripadvisor for reviews on which company suits you best. Keep in mind that different providers are located in different parts of the province, so it might be best to chose one closer to your accommodation to save time on traveling there and back.

Almost every year, there have the ATV tour event in Hang dong that you can register and join the event. This event sponsored by Profender and Hamer, Thai off road car accessories.

About as extreme as it gets! Try a bungee jump here in CM

Bungee Jumping

No extreme sports list would be complete without the bungee jump! You can jump from 165 feet up a crane towering over a lake, here at the X Centre – Chiang Mai’s very own extreme sports centre. Zorbing, Trail Bike Riding, Mini Golf and Go Carting are also on offer here. For those of your who aren’t afraid of heights, there’s also plenty of high-platforms to dive from at the Grand Canyon Water Park, another one of our favourite places to visit here in Chiang Mai.

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